Core holders for CT applications

Core holders for CT Applications

Core holders for are available for advanced displacements in CT scanners.  As for our microCT these core holders are frequently made and individually adapted to fit requested specifications from our clients. Typical materials used for these X-ray transparent coreholders are Aluminum and Carbon Fibre.

Maximum working pressure and temperature varies between the different types of coreholders and materials used, but this can be as high as; Pmax = 700 bar @ T = 160oC

Examples of Core holders for CT applications from RS Systems:

CH CT1.png

RSS model 05CH-13AL63 CT-PET:  The design is compact and adopted for goo X-ray transparency.  Inlet and outlet are arranged in one end, making mounting of sample easier, and unit is easier to handle in the scanner gantry. The RSS CT/PET core holder is normally custom made and individually adapted to fit requested specifications. Above illustration is an example taken from one of our existing designs. Design and documentation is in accordance with PED 2014/68/EU.

RSS model 05CH-01MK5 with Mounting Fixture & Sequence
CH CT3.png
Core Plug Mounting.png

RSS model 05CH-01MK5:  This is our basic core holder designed for general versatile use for reservoir condition studies with In-Situ-Saturation-Monitoring (ISSM), either by X-ray or gamma attenuation.  MAWP HP model is 700 bar@150oC.  

RSS model 05CH-11MK2M with MOUNting fixture
CH M CT2 _3_.png
MK2 2 _2_.png
MK2 mounting fix.png

RSS model 05CH-11MK2M:  Core holder with multiple axial pressure ports designed for good X-ray transparency.